Vol. 2

by Casa de Diversion

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released September 5, 2011



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Track Name: Disapproval - Intro/Detached From Birth
born alone, no place to call home, forced to roam, nowhere to go, all that i know, is this heart of stone, 20 years later here i am, cutting ties at every chance, keeping my distance as far as i can, solitude's my burden, emotion i lack, born alone, no place to call home, forced to roam, with this heart of stone, ill fend for myself with every breath, lone wolf until i am dead.
Track Name: Villain - Debt Nation ft COA
Stock markets down,
Panic all around,
somehow the king still wears the crown,
How long must we suffer til we know we have drown?
When hope is just a lie, to never be found.
Where do we go?
To save our souls,
To save our dreams,
To save our homes,
While the rich sit on a throne of loans,
Working class nomads have no where to go.
This whole governments a bullshit show.
(They) kill us all slow.

Cut your losses, kill your bosses,
Smash the state, burn your crosses.
Everything's not fine, we're totally fucked.
Track Name: Raindance - Severed Wings and Open Wounds
I fall to my knees please just take mercy on me. Another tear falls from the sky, a swan swims in the waters I supply. From headache to heartache to not giving a fuck my hollow heart beats in my blackened chest as I lay your body down to rest. Now when you're sleeping tell me
do you ever dream of me, dream of the rivers flooding and floating down the street under the sun that hasn't shined in weeks. Now when I'm sleeping I watch it with a smile of my face watch the swan drown under the rivers race as an end to my cathartic days. There's no love under this winter sun. Now I've been dreaming of something beautiful, cut the wings from an angels back now you're as ugly as the rest of them. There's no love under this sun.

Take my hand. Walk with me, past the river to the sea. I painted the canvas I saw beauty I painted the swan I left out the heart. Cherish this moment cherish this moment that we have. I traded love I traded love for lust like the rest of them. Leave your heart at the door. Welcome the sin, welcome her lips, welcome her hips, you can't hurt from this. Run from the riverbed where all the swans are dead. There's no love between you and her bed. Bite your tongue when you say the word love. I guess this iwhat forever means to us. Another night another fight, raise your glass for what's in store tonight. The noose is set and I'm ready to jump here's a kiss darling for goodluck. Now I've become numb to the thought of us. The boys say all the lines that role right past you they want to fuck you I just want to hold you. They hold you, they hold you. Now I'll find comfort in-between these sheets and I'll find comfort in between her knees. Another day and another face another night and nothings changed. I swam with the swan I drowned in her love now here's my heart because I no longer give a fuck.
Track Name: Bottom Out - Home
Content with nothing I embrace the end; hand in hand. Purging thoughts from when this sorrow sank in. Never learned to love, never learned to trust. Smiling while thinking about this world without us. Bury the past, these graves are faceless. The echoes murmur as the days wane to grey. Atone for nothing as I watch the earth bleed. That's the truth I accept, and that's the truth I believe. This mourning son has forgotten me. Left here to rot I set myself free. I've finally come home. My smirking nightmares perched on their thrones. Living through memories on this trail of deceased dreams. As my flesh screams.
Track Name: Pulling Teeth - Waiting
a genius ploy to maintain control, reward so great you’d sell your soul two-thousand years and still you wait, the hook is set with the perfect bait like a carrot at the end of the stick, the promise of eternal salvation lead the way and they follow, forever waiting on the impending return still they’re waiting, they’re still waiting for his return how much waiting can you take before you learn? always waiting on the coming of the messiah he’s not coming, now be damned all crooks and liars the time has come, the chance was missed, humanity has been dismissed it’s up to us to save ourselves, no way but up cuz this is hell take control of your own life, stop waiting on man’s biggest lie no savior is coming for your soul, find faith in self because you’re on your own
Track Name: Axis - Atlas
I am reborn cold and heartless as a pillar of stone. No regrets, no remorse. I am your curse. I am your punishment. You're my disease. Piece by piece. Disassembled. Fucking burn. Your worth fades away. I turn my back on the dust of your memory. And what was always empathy, is now hatred. I don't need you. Word by word, I will tear you down. To tear you down I swear by these words. I am vindicated, my heart is hardened. Tempered by a world so cruel. Weakness, my enemy in a war of nerves. What is sympathy compared to stone? Let my love dissolve - I'm not your martyr. What a fool, he who would sacrifice himself for someone else. So quick to lust for someone's love. I am reborn as a pillar of stone. Unloved, unbroken. No regrets, no remorse. I am your curse. I am your punishment. You're my disease. Piece by piece. Disassembled. Fucking burn. Ripped from the pages, blotted out, cast away, disgraced and discarded. You pushed me away with your poison. I saw through everything: Your lies, your promises. I am your punishment. I am your end. Nothing need help mend this bitter hatred. Unloved, unbroken.
Track Name: Born Low - Two-fold
Weakness has been found.
Ringing in my ears, the only sound.
Your hollow tone.
Behind the glass, you hold the biggest stone.
Never known the struggle.
Never known the discontent.
To me it seems profound.
The push away will not relent.

You walk a wire in your mind.
With no net below, (and) running outta time.
Every day is one day less.
Exposed, alone, I won't rest.
I strive to protect my own.
Fear brought to life, no trust I own.

Still you waste your time.
Build on the body of lies.
A bullshit act, an open hand.
Veiled by an ugly disguise.
Where is the struggle?
Where is the discontent?
To me it seems unfound.
The separation has been sent.

You walk a wire in your mind.
With no net below, (and) running outta time.
Every day is one day less
Exposed, alone, I won't rest.
From the cheated mind, comes cheapened thoughts.
No buying in, won't get caught.

I'm on a backslide.
Slipping fast down through the cracks.
You wanna break the mold? Beware.
Cause it will break you back.

You can live this life or it can live you.
You can look away, or you can see through.
All the grime, diseased, and the fake.
And leave nothing in your wake.
Leave nothing in your wake.
Track Name: Goodbye Cruel World - Better Off Dead
Have my efforts fallen to short
will tomorrow crumble to the floor
I've questioned myself so many times
failures never welcome in my life
so many times I've been told
I'd be better off dead
I know somewhere down the road
a wrong turn waits for me
all of this will will go to waste
what does fate have in store for me
so many times I've been told
I'd be better off dead
Broken dow this world has failed me
maybe Im better off dead
Track Name: Written Off - Reiterator
Can’t deal with your own trouble, your pain.
All you focus on are twisted motives and gains.
Have no sense of control, respect, or refrain.
Clawing your way to a goal you cannot obtain.
Pose with that image, that you have an open mind.
I know you’re itching. Rehash another line.
When your peers call you out, go ahead and place the blame.
Haven’t gained any ground, you’re still the same
Tell me what has changed
Here is something that you can’t understand.
Talking your shit doesn’t give you the upper hand.
I don’t know how you were taught, but get with the plan.
You can’t use your mouth for what you lack in your hand.
Track Name: Unrestrained - Disdain
We’ve strayed so far / from what we were / days infected / with ornate veneers
Expect no recourse / apathy is the norm / expect nothing / receive far less
Lies bred this hate / we need to / control our fate
Sever ties /(from those who’ve) fed us lies
Disdain / distrust / untamed / disgust
Deceived / betrayed / such swift / price paid
Willingness to capitulate / holds us back every day / lost deep in party lines / swallowing two sides lies / shut my ears, shut my eyes / strength is in my mind / rhetoric fills the air / with populous unaware
We are disillusioned
We’ve reached a cessation of progression creating a need for the preservation of dissension.
Deceived / betrayed / such swift / price paid
Disdain / distrust / untamed / disgust
Track Name: Power Trip - Suffer No Fool
Shove them into crosshairs, not some fucking spotlight
It's systematic moral absence
Symptomatic genetic abcess
Sadistic minds when allowed to breed, will bring the world to its knees

Twisted like your DNA
A mental defect, you will never be saved
You must writhe behind death's shadow

We cannot hide, the pain is real
We find the strength to suffer no fool
So tear the plight, up by the roots
Nature's law will suffer no fool
We must fight, and we must kill
You and I must suffer no fool

And if I try and fail, at least I suffered no fool
Track Name: Agitator - Force Fed Lies
dropping like dominos in a line you see one fall and you think its fine
covering it it up with deceit, no credibility in the words you speak
i cant believe anything you say, your words have proven to mean nothing
the next time you judge someone else, make sure youre not chastising your future self
you were waiting for someone else to make a move
who were you trying to impress what were you trying to prove
you talked a lot of shit up on a pedestal , was just it just to gain respect from all of your friends? force fed lies from the guise of the unwise
how can you even go and look these kids in the eyes, the ones that looked up to you took your words as infallible you let let them down your words were only FAYYBLESSS
you said this would never happen
you became what you CLAIM TO HATE
act like you werent one of the ones who broke first, whos losing touch now
you're the poster boy of insincerity
the epitomy, of dishonesty
drink and smoke until reality blurs, until you can forget who you once were
its one thing to lie to yourself its another when you try to fool everyone else
Track Name: The Love Below - High Friends In Low Places
the wrecking ball of reality smashes straight through your smiling teeth
and you awake to the taste of blood in your mouth
you try to stand up again you should lie back down
cause it suits you well
to burn alone inside your own personal hell
Track Name: Coke Bust - Another Fucking Problem
Work, death, bills, debt, time, life, stress... fuck. When will it end? I am just a simple man. I do everything I can to keep the peace, make ends meet, make it work, make you see. Stability, health, future, fights. Done it all clean, obeyed all their rules. Done my best but I still seem to lose. I'm in over my head and I just can't seem to solve them. Just another fucking problem.
Track Name: Another Mistake - Crust Fund
born of privilege but didn't like the image so you traded it in for that of a hypocrite
had to change your name to somethin crazy, new friends and a new identity.
been bought and sold to meet a different mold.
learned all you need to know at 16 years old.

you're this generations hippie, born from last generations yuppie.
got a hundred reasons for the life you lead.
truth simply put is that you're just too lazy.
think you really defy the police?
all you're doin is avoiding a lease.
think you found some admirers? you just preach to the choir.
you're a real free spirit when you're totally dependent on normal peoples charity.
you've gotta be kidding me. it's pretty scary you accept this as reality.

what if i'm the one who's crazy?
i'm not crazy just frustrated watchin people turn into what they once hated.
your bright future so easily wasted, your parents attention had to be baited.
i don't think this is you but i could be mistaken.
i'll revel at how fucking weird you are while you bitch and complain and drink pbr.
you're just so different i'm really diggin your statement but it's all just a game.
another way to get laid.
Track Name: Social War - 28 Days Later
Give me your heart.

You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me.
I'll snap my fingers, you'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Give me your heart, Show me your soul, Lose your mind, and lose control.

I want to cut the chase, I pay the brass tacks, I wanna ruin you, cut broadcast.
Cease thinking, cease breathing, cease living, lose contact.
I can't control you, I can't think straight, the depths of your mind, your thoughts I wanna penetrate.
You can live just forget about me.
Cus when you die.

You have no heart, I'll take your soul, You've lost your mind, and lost control.

You have no hear, I took your soul, You've lost your mind, NO CONTROL.
Track Name: Sojourner - Deception Falls
Deception falls like grace from the sirens harp
while the angels speak softly of hopelessness and despair.
With every breath I force through my broken teeth
I sweeten the poison dripping from your tongue
To think...I will be crowned and adorned
And you will be moved and floored
As I drain the faith from your hands
Ill turn your devotion on a wim
I will tear you apart
and burn your flesh
the carrion birds screaming
for the feast i've prepared
and every minute we're inside each other
The light will diminish and disperse
I will continue
and you will fall by the wayside
Left to bleed for the dirt
Quench it's thirst
Slow burn.
If only these words would release me
If only these words...
Track Name: Legion - Salvation
A blanket of rust covers all that I see and the acid rain washes
everything clean.
The airs so thick you can hardly breathe and the smog pulls you under
before you can leave.

Nailed to a cross made of steel, made of frustration.
I'm crucified by my peers, there's no salvation.

Crown of thorns, halo of flies upon my head.
Salvation, nothing gained from the dead.

Track Name: Hatewaves - Pride
Gay pride parade stole all my parking
Fucking posers nothing's shocking
I support their cause but not this drunk parade
Don't park in my space.
I get it. You're gay.
Track Name: At Our Heels - Wolfsblood (Misfits)
You don't know who I'm talking to
Why? Because...
No one ever did
I feel it coming down my head

It's wolfs blood
It's pumping like it's fucking in my veins
And I feel my vertebrae shaking

And I feel my heart is dead
And I feel my muscles twitch
And I feel my stomach split
And I know I'm not a man
And I know inside my head

It's wolfs blood
It's pumping like it's fucking in my veins
And I feel my vertebrae shaking

And I feel my heart is dead
And I feel my muscles twitch
And I feel my stomach split
And I know I'm not a man

You don't know who I'm talking to
Why? Because...
No one ever did
I feel it coming down my head

It's wolfs blood
It's pumping like it's fucking in my veins

I'm gonna get it up
And I'm gonna break it up
And I'm gonna break his head
With my arms

Oh, hey
Know why you're dead
Track Name: Old Wounds - Terror Eyes
I left home a while back
with nothing but these bags under my eyes
to carry my belongings and
to show where i've been.
I walk through these dark streets
with nothing but a smirk on my face
only to have the nonexistent street lights show that
i'm unwanted here,
and that I don't belong anywhere.
In the south side of town
yells of disgust rain down on me.
From the second story of broken homes,
The slums never felt so much like home.
Track Name: Fed To The Wolves - Disappointment
Couldn't live up to your standards.
Not like it ever really mattered.
You thought I would end up just like you;
Ignorant and scared of the truth.
I've let you down.
Track Name: Sacred Love - Riot Dogs (Molon Lave)
Ignorance all around
Destroying for the sake of a last name and a forgotten tradition
That weighs more heavily than the future or the youth.
Where is the shame?
Not with who's to blame.
When money control's your worth
There's no going forth.
Track Name: Code Orange Kids - Walls (We Lose Each Other)
i can feel my bones growing into burdens // i can taste teeth decaying on my tounge.
in all the realizations that fall to dust as the morning comes // where all dissonance drips away and the coldest nights await // moments of sightless rest serve as slights gusts of peace.
until im awakened by dreams drenched in reality // where I watch someone elses hands grace the only thing ive ever loved.
I want to burn like the sun that stains my eyes.
(i want to burn // i want to live)
just to salvage was hasn’t been withered into iron hearts // throats of gold
I have four white walls but no solitude // I refuse to let your structure fold so let my name dissolve.
i want to burn (like the hope of empty men) // i want to live (like there is nothing else but this)
Track Name: Homewrecker - Internal Morgue
Handing out pain, filled with hate,

Destroying myself from the rage inside,

Filled with regret, torn from guilt,

I can’t justify my ways inside,

Slamming your head through the wall,

I can’t stand your face; you walk to fucking tall,

One more fucking reason is all I fucking need,

Too rid the world of your smile and make you fucking bleed,

Wasting, decaying, like a fucking corpse,


Filth is you; filth is what’s inside,

I can’t describe my disgust,

I can’t hide my resentment for the live you lived,

You don’t deserve to breath,

Now it fucking ends,

Track Name: Divider - Glory of Kings
unsheathed tragedy, our empire is crumbling, coaxed into the fire
turning over, like clockwork we ran ourselves into perilous ruin
i have tried to escape, weary, the plague has found us, weary still
hammered into a thought process, all resistance now is lost
when its pulled from the lips of thieves, from the hands of our crooked kings
a rebellion we thought we had already won
we have fallen in line
the plague has found us and there is no stopping it
no stopping it
Track Name: Masakari - IX- Tempt Providence
Conditioned from conception, a follower;
Left chained, our knees in the dirt by hallowed bonds
led to live a death of a thousand cuts
Ultimately waiting for words that never reach the lips
The meaning in the madness
Falter in a shroud of secrecy unable to give up the ghost
The answers to the unknown are as broad as it's long
And in your dying hours, in a sensation of reminiscence
Only able to feel the silence; questions are answered
There never was a cross to bear
We must bleed the beast once exalted and adored.
Track Name: Low Places - Honor Thee Cult
At war with peace
Obsessed with death
Holy rule, a downward pull
Rats will infest

Scrape the words
Off the tongue of spite
You sentenced me to misery
My hands are tied


Bathing in ashes
A loss to forget
Twenty four hours
Of restless shit

Screaming amongst
A sea full of waste
"Pain is comfort"
My mind is defaced

Haze fills
My lungs, how do I instill
A life worth living, non-ill
I'm looking for new ways to feel
Track Name: Streetsweeper - Place Of Fear
I'm just one man
You don't know how I feel
I have to face my fears
I have to do what's right
Just so you know help is as love is close
I've got to control my life
Do you understand when shit hits the fan?
Cuz when I need it most, you are who I chose
And I will help you too
So be there for me and I'll be there for you
I can't stand your face kid
You're a sucker without a doubt
I don't wanna save your place here
Look what's come out
All because your empty mind
How will you last?
No reason why
Do you understand why I say
that integrity only comes this way?
When I show you how things are
Only to recourse that we've netered into war
I've got to change my life
I've got to find my way
I've gotta get it the fuck together
No more excuses, I've got to fucking try
Track Name: Vice - Vice
Feeling so corrupted , feeling so tainted
I gave up long ago, trying to explain this
I took the path , that i tried to avoid
and the end result left me paranoid

who was with me? who was against me?
my world frozen over and left me so empty
befriend the anxiety, ill never relax
paying my toll, paying my tax

befriend the anxiety i’ll never relax
till my body turns cold i’m paying my tax

live with what i’ve done
the person i’ve become
the paths i’ve chose
but still I wont repent

feeling in over my head
thoughts forsaken my mind
feeling in over my head
my vice will be justified
Track Name: Alaskan - Euthanize
The proposition that was put before us was of quite a different nature.
Sworn to secrecy I will take this along with me to my grave.
Victim or patient?
A blood pumping symphony into everlasting sleep.
Do not succumb to your fear.
As I closed my eyes I grew delirious.
I chose not to live.
When the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Track Name: Deathbed - Cleanse
Disillusioned masses condemned by tradition
I detach myself from the horrors of modern day life
Countless lives of non-human animals becomes just memories with the desire of pleasure to blame
Tainted, contaminated - this world is polluted with filth
Advertised, bastardized - the filth continues to grow

Sympathy means nothing when action doesn't follow
Cycles must be broken, fists must be raised
Justice will see the light of day

Domination of the innocent

I'd cleanse the world
Cleanse the world

If only I had the strength
Track Name: Jungle Juice - Blind
There's an emptiness inside of me that cannot be filled.
Your smile is still coarsing through my veins.
I left my soul on your rotting lips.

The sirens call no longer binds me.
Daddy's little girl still playing her games.
I would like to see you as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.

Don't play with fire,
If you have plastic skin.

I only have eyes for you.
I'd rather be blind than to see you.

I'll tear my fucking eyes out.